CNC Programmers

Experienced Manufacturing Engineer with a CNC programming background to join our team.

The successful candidate will have the responsibility of controlling and programming state of the art CNC 5 axis machinery using advanced software tools - AlphaCam, Pro Engineer, Delcam PowerMill.


With minimal supervision, create and develop documents for products from engineering drawings.

Develop sustainable and standardized machining processes to the company's expectations for cost, quality, and delivery

Create and implement CNC programs to include improvements in tooling, machine processes, and new tool platforms.

The ability to adjust speeds, feeds, tooling and operating sequences as needed, and analyze code programs M and G.

Be responsible for the continuous improvement of the manufacturing processing order to exceed goals set forth by the client company (safety, delivery, quality, etc.)

•Be responsible for the creation of CNC programs, specifying perishable tooling and capable fixturing while applying continuous improvements to the manufacturing process.

Composite Laminators

The position is for a set of work skills in handling, cutting, and laying up carbon, fiberglass, and similar dry cloth materials.

The work requires very close attention to detail and consistency, part to part.  The skill set best comes from understanding the handling of fabric and woven textiles.The nature of the work is repetitive and demands a devotion to quality and speed. Male and female applicants are encouraged to schedule a shop session in the facility.

CAD Technician / Engineering Techs

The position is for an engineering assistant whose duties are the generation of CAD designs and CAM programming.  The work involves tool design, fixture creation, and general production thinking.  

Machine setup and operation is a plus.

CAD Software of choice is Pro Engineer. CAM software is AlphaCAM 5 axis.

Machine Operators

This position requires an experienced 2, 3 and 5 axis machinist. Materials are light density urethane foam, high density PU, MDF, and aluminum.

Clean working environment. New machinery.  Southern California location.

Pay commensurate with experience. All applications by email only

Pete Callaway, General Manager

Callaway Carbon, Inc.

27661 Commerce Center Dr

Temecula CA 92590